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Seeding is believing.

Since 1917.

Seeding is believing.
Since 1917.

Tokita is a seed company based in Saitama, Japan, with a mission of enhancing our global food culture, connectivity, and health through delicious, productive vegetable seeds.

The company was established in 1917 and is now in its third generation, with over a century of vegetable seed expertise behind each variety. 

Cherry tomatoes in hand


Tokita began as a seed production company, which sold seeds to other companies in Japan. Mr. Taisuke Tokita, the founder, recognized the need for Tokita's own research programs, and established the Minamisakurai Research Farm in 1949.

Since then, the company has grown to establish research stations and branches around the world:​

  • 1990: Qingdao International Seed

  • 1998: Tokita Seed India

  • 2008: Tokita Sementi Italia

  • 2011: Tokita Seed America

  • 2016: Semillas Tokita Chile


The company does not engage with genetic modification (GMOs) but rather uses traditional methods of cross-pollination and selection to pursue and recombine unique traits.

We also offer several varieties that are certified organic. 


Tokita has developed programs in tomatoes, brassicas, cucurbits, alliums, and more, with 17 breeders around the world.

The art and science of plant breeding continues to surprise our most seasoned experts – and sometimes a chance trait found in the field can lead to a new farmer's market favorite.

The diligent and patient effort of our research team at Tokita has produced a number of beloved varieties and new projects, including the below. 

To learn more about our varieties, visit our products page

  • 1984: introduced Japan's first cherry tomato, "Suncherry"

  • 1986: released "Senposai", a cross between cabbage and komatsuna

  • 1994: released Sungold tomatoes

  • 2004: released a series of "mini" vegetables (cucumbers, cabbage, broccoli, spinach)

  • 2008: Tomatoberry won 3rd place at Fruit Logistica

  • 2009: Gusto Italia project begins to offer Italian vegetables to Japan

  • 2018: released a stringless snow pea

  • 2019: the Oishii Nippon Project begins


We offer over 200 varieties of 25 vegetable crops bred in Japan, Italy, the US, and Chile.


Questions? Contact Us: 

250 Nagareda Dr. Suite 6

Gilroy, CA 95020

(408) 842-4381

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