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Featured Varieties

This is a small subset of the total collection of bunching onion varieties. For more information, please scroll down to view the PDF.

r0-002 .png

R0-002 F1

NEW Fuchsia Negi with improved color compared to OP Red Beard. Color enhances with cold temperatures. 


W5 / TSX-515 F1

Very consistent long Negi. Fall - winter harvest. Upright blue-green leaves. Widely adaptable.


S8 / TSX-518 F1

Consistent growth for early sowing, cold tolerant. For summer - fall harvest.


NB304 F1

Allium fistulosum x Allium cepa

Highly vigorous plants. Bulb is slightly bigger than 8931.

Bunching onion.jpg

R1-122 F1

NEW Selected for improved dark green leaf color, uniformity, upright habit, productivity, and tip burn resistance. 
Also highly improved “peelability”: the outer layer peels quickly and easily. 


TSX-025 F1

NEW Suitable for summer or autumn harvest. For short-medium (~8") length white-stalk Negi, up to 1" thick. 



Combines thickness with length of long Negi. Excellent flavor when cooked.

Red Beard.jpeg


Buried parts of the plant become red when temperatures are cool. Becomes tender and sweet when cooked. 



Heirloom from Gunma. Extremely thick, short plants. Grows slowly in cool temperatures.

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