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F1 Cabbage, Point One 

Easy-to-grow, compact, very early pointed cabbage. 

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Days to maturity: 45-55 

Size: 2-3 lbs

Plant: compact, upright plants. Blue-green pointed heads. 

Climate recommendations: Widely adaptable with late bolting. Suitable for warm weather.

Spacing: suitable for compact plant spacing. 12" between rows, 12" between plants.

Growing tips: 

  • Suitable temperature is 68-80˚F / 20-25℃ during the day and 60-65˚F / 15-18℃ at night before transplanting. 

  • Water in the morning but too much water leads to legginess.

  • Before transplanting, water both seedlings and field and apply fertilizer with N (12g/m2).

  • It needs to be fertilized again 20 days after transplanting, with N (12g/m2) and K.

  • When the head is close to harvest, refrain from watering to prevent crack.

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