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Fruit Logistica 2023

The Tokita team from Japan, the US, and Italy attended the Fruit Logistica event at Messe Berlin in February, and shared the story of the Oishii Nippon Project by Tokita. The booth was beautifully designed by a team based in Berlin, and highlighted Zuccuri, the delicious new chestnut kabocha.

According to the press release from Fruit Logistica, the event gathered "63,470 trade visitors and buyers from over 140 countries".

It is a rare treat to see so many people from all over the world delight in new flavors, colors, shapes and textures in fruits and vegetables.

Tokita offered several tastings of ONP varieties, including Zuccuri (air-fried and steamed), Sweet Kabu, and Fioretto. You might notice a sneak peak of a few upcoming cultivars, adding extra color to a bouquet trio with Fioretto.

The Oishii Nippon Project was established in 2018 share the beauty and deliciousness of Japanese vegetables, from seed to table. Visit to learn more and purchase seeds.


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